1.  Why do I need to have my equipment safety tested?  And what would happen if I don’t?

A.   It is a federal regulation set forth by the NFPA NEC code 99 chapter 11.
B. If you do not have your medical equipment safety tested youre subject to a state inspection at any time.

2.  How often do I need to have the equipment tested?

A.  Medical equipment is catergorized into, general, patient related general, patient related sensitive, surgical, and life support.  NEC has given the facility the choice of frequency of testing due to several different factors such as age of equipment, type of equipment, sensitivity of equipment, and suggested Maintence by the MFG.  Generally it is 6 months for life support, surgical, and older equipment and 1 year for general and general patient equipment. 

3.  Why use a state recognized established Biomedical Firm to test our equipment instead an electrician friend or maintenance in the building?

A.  An established Biomedical firm has Biomedical Technicians trained and experienced in testing all types of medical equipment.  The Biomeds are familiar with every aspect of medical equipment from surgical rooms, ER depts, physical therapy depts, laboratories, recovery, clinics, veterinary clinics. Established Biomedical firms carry the proper insurance and own their equipment, have it tested annually traceable to NIST and are recognized as a legitimate company when there is an inspection. 

4.  What if our equipment is under warranty and it is broken?  Do I have to ship it back to the MFG or can you repair it?

A.  We are certified with many MFG’s to perform warranty repairs.  It saves down time by not having to ship your equipment there and back and the MFG pays us to get your equipment up and running ASAP!