Physical Therapy

EMA has been testing, calibrating and repairing Physical therapy equipment for the last 30 years.

Ultrasound therapy, along with muscle stimulation and traction, are essential tools of the physical therapist. These instruments must work correctly and safely.

We perform the electrical safety tests, according to AAMI and NEC, and the output performance using state of the art testing equipment that is tested to NIST standards to ensure your equipment is functioning within the standards set forth by the MFG and NEC. These tests ensures the therapist that their patients are receiving exactly what is expected from their equipment.  Again we are experienced in the calibration and repair of most all brands of equipment.

An example of instruments we test and repair and certify are:

Physical Therapy


Muscle stimulators

Hot pack hydrocollators

Cold pack hydrocollators

Fluidotherapy units

Traction units

Traction tables


Exerciser units

Whirlpool turbines